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  • Closed Cell vs. Open Cell Spray-In Insulation Foam

When it comes time to actually put the foam product in your home or commercial building structure, you must identify whether you will use 0.5 lb./cu. ft. (open cell foam), or 2.0 lb./cu. ft. (closed cell foam). Your choice will make a big difference in cost, application methods and performance. Here are a few facts about each:

Open Cell (1/2- lb. Foam)

- Superior to batt insulation
- Effective air barrier, sound deadener, somewhat hydrophobic
- R-value of 4 per square inch

Closed Cell (2-lb. Foam)

- Denser than open cell foam
- Effective moisture barrier
- Effective sound and air barrier
- R-value of 6 per square inch

The Difference

Open cell foam is that in which the tiny “bubbles” within the foam remain open and are filled with air, resulting in a softer feel. The “bubbles” within closed cell foam are, of course, closed – and filled with a gas that encourages expansion. This is what makes closed cell foam expand into every corner and around barriers such as pipes, etc., resulting in a better insulation.

Effectiveness and Cost Closed cell foam, which is higher-density foam, is heavier and stronger, and therefore more apt to resist air or water vapour leakage. However, closed cell foam is more expensive, since it requires the use of more material. If you don’t need increased strength, moisture control, and so forth, open cell foam might be your best bet.

When to Choose Each Type Each choice – closed cell and open cell – is perfect for some applications and a bad choice for some. Open cell foam would be a bad choice for any application where water is involved, since it absorbs water. Closed cell foam is good for small framing situations, on the other hand, and roofing insulation.

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